Help her win the battle within

A parents guide to Improved Mental health, Greater Resolve, Stronger Boundaries, Positive thought patterns and a zest for life! 

There is a war raging and the battle is for our minds

Be careful how you think; Your life is shaped by your thoughts. Psalms 4:23

In our increasingly digitise world, Technology is increasingly shaping our very existence – how we communicate, interact with each other, how we spend our time and money and most importantly, how we think and give our attention to. 

“What consumes your mind controls your life” 

As Technology is slowly consuming our lives, It is  equally consuming our thoughts and minds. 

More and more research is pointing a finger towards social media and the rise in self harm, depression and suicide in young people worldwide. With few other common factors, it’s pretty hard to ignore the findings. From adults are admitting to smartphone addiction, scores of young people spending up to 9 hours in front of screens a day, and babies navigating touch screens effortlessly, it is no long possible to ignore the impact of screens on our lives.  

Yet we simply cannot blame the medium for the message. 

As numbers of children self harming and suicide rates rise, our young girls are at the centre of the crisis. They need to be empowered to understand the risks and educated with how to respond. They need guidance and direction. They need education. 

Parents need new strategies for building greater resilience and stronger foundations to fall back onto.Every new era and every new generation needs a new level of skills. Each new generation brings with it new concerns and challenges. A  house built on a strong foundation will stand the test of time. We can no longer afford to parent like it’s 1999! 

I am no therapist or counsellor. I am a mother on a mission to help my kids. I could not find help out there when we were in crisis, so I dug deep, became resourceful and made a way. 

Thank you for allowing me to show you a way in which we can help young people thrive and build strong minds and greater resilience. 

Together we rise. 

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The truth about Technology and our mental health

Channels such as Youtube,  Instagram, Netflix and other social media platforms stream and show information to our brains 24/7. 

Always there, Always “on”, always available. 

Young minds are being peppered with ideas, images, words and sounds. 

It’s important that we start to look at HOW content accessed and consumed by the younger generation is perceived. How are they processing the content they are exposed to regularly? How do we minimise the harmful content and influences they have access to?  

We can no longer ignore the importance of  educating our children about their amazing minds, and how to take good care of them. We need to teach our kids how to cope with ALL the different aspects of social media. 

Resourceful, enlightened and educated parenting together with a big bag of tools and props is the only way forward to ensure we help our young children navigate the path to adulthood sanely and mentally strong.

So where do we start?  

With the influence of the internet in mind, I’ve developed a  framework with which to help children build happier minds, thoughts, self-love and self-awareness.  It isn’t a quick fix. It’s a process of making small incremental changes over time, new habits that become a lifestyle. 

Once implemented, these building blocks provide a strong foundation for the whole family in building and maintaining mental health. They become the tools with which kids can approach adulthood securely. I have personally used these effectively over the past 5 years. 

I’ve broken down the framework into 4 sections, and each section has a simple breakdown of positive actionable steps and strategies. You can use it as components or as a whole. Some things may already be in place in your home. It’s not exhaustive but it’s helpful. .  


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Private family Coaching

I work with parents who prefer 1 to 1 coaching, in person or online via video call.   Please enquire here.

I absolutely love enabling parents with resourcefulness and seeing their children thrive again - Tea Staegemann

Meet MentoringMamma:

Hallo and Welcome!

I’m Téa. It’s my life’s work and biggest dream, to see women, young and old – realise the ability they have to overcome their mental chatter, grow their mental strength and rule their own thoughts. To raise up a generation that is mentally strong and happy. 

Additional Services and Support

School Workshops

I host interactive workshops in schools across the UK  for   children from years 5  upwards relating to mindful internet usage and keeping their minds safe from influences, stress and anxiety, predators and negative thought patterns.  

1 to 1 Family Coaching

Would you like  me to walk the journey with you? Personalised support, guidance and encouragement with a programme detailed to suit your families needs. I am not a counsellor or therapist but my insight, perspective and background allows me to walk you through the foundations step by step. 

FB Support Group

We have a Facebook community that offers help and support to parents with specific issues or who just need a listening ear or advice when going through a difficult patch. We are not experts but we might be able to share our own experiences to empower you. 

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Books & Resources

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A hub of resources for parents to use as their “go to” in their drive to educate and empower themselves.

Websites, books, podcasts and professional organisations at a click. 

Feedback from Schools and Parents

We would like to send our thanks to Tea for the workshops and parent talk on Monday. A lot of discussion has been promoted in classes and one child has shared with her parent about inappropriate messages which has resulted in further action being taken by outside agencies. We really want more of our families to hear your message so hope Tea will be able to come back and do another Parent talk in the Summer Term in an evening so more parents hear your messages.
Georgia Honeywell
I would like to give you feedback from some of our parents below:- "Lots of information and what to consider. Was something I didn't expect but I will pay more attention in the future" "Tea was brilliant, engaging, easy to follow and info was spot on" "This evening was completely empowering and informative and is helping to educate parents" "So eye opening. I now know that there's a lot I don't know about. I need to educate myself more on social media" "Absolutely brilliant. Being about a real life situation really made an impact on me"
Mrs Kate Fitzpatrick
Many thanks for the two great talks that you have given at the School this term. They have both gone down very well with their audiences and have been hard-hitting and very effective at getting the message out. Many thanks to Tea for such powerful presentations.
Sharon Fullworth

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