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 I’m a Mom Mentor, Trainer and speaker.  

I coach and teach moms the tools to not only be mentally stronger themselves, but to also become part of the mental health solution for their family.

Large numbers of children and families are struggling with mental health problems and my belief is that moms must be and should be part of the solution.

My approach is foundational,  so the first key to success is working with the mothers of the house. Mothers are the greatest influencers in a home and a mothers’ nurturing nature binds and builds a home.

So we start with building a ‘strong mom’ foundation who in return builds a strong home for her children.

I work with moms in 3 ways:

  1. Foundational self-awareness and self-discovery, building up their own mental health, mental muscles and resilience. 
  2. Proactive Solution focused training and coaching, by teaching them the tools to put a mental health action plan in place specific to their home. 
  3. Remedially by assessing their current family habits, rituals and setup, then carefully crafting a family centred support plan with them, which enables their family to find their way back to wellbeing.

I provide my clients with their own roadmap to happier minds. 

Next, by taking on a whole family approach, my goal is to help every mother implement the supportive foundations in her home so that her household and children can thrive.  

Every home, every family needs to have a mental health ‘Battle Plan”. A plan that allows them to be prepared for whatever may come their way in life.

With a plan, direction, parental support and whole family involvement, it is possible for each family to find their happy place. 

"There is no one way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one"

For mum's who are Parenting Self-Harm:

The journey as a mom of a child who self harms is excruciatingly painful, stressful and exhausting.

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about self harm, but very little in terms of how to parent your child through this phase, how to support them in the home  while they get help and how to manage your own stress levels and mental health!

Strong Mom’s don’t fake strength. They have inner resolve, they are empowered with the right tools and they have the support of a community that hold them up throughout their journey. 

I’ve created  a family led framework which you  can use to help your children connect, belong, feel loved, heal, grow and ultimately build a happier mind, thoughts, self-love and self-awareness. 

It isn’t a quick fix. It’s a process of everyone in the family making small incremental changes over time, creating new habits that become a lifestyle. 

Once implemented, these building blocks provide a strong foundation for the whole family in building and maintaining their sense of connection, self love and mental health.

They become the tools with which kids can approach adulthood securely. I have personally used many of these effectively with myself and my kids over the past 5 years. 

The framework has a simple breakdown of positive actionable strategies. Some things may already be in place in your home. Some things may need tweaking. What is important is that each child is being supported in their own unique way that leaves them feeling loved and that the parents are taken care of to remain strong and equipped in the process. 

Kickstart your "StrongMOM" journey today.


Allow me to guide you and walk you through the next steps to thriving and feeling in control of your life. The best way to a stronger you!


Never feel lost, overwhelmed, alone and stressed out again.

Learn the tools to help your child, and grow your own resilience in the process. Come out stronger as a result! 


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